Rosé Champagne Brings the Holiday Joy

Rosé Champagne Brings the Holiday Joy

We haven’t even explored the different villages of Champagne and their characteristics, or the various production methods. Perhaps I can be accused of oversimplifying as well.

If you do have an appetite for further exploration, I highly recommend “Champagne: The Essential Guide to the Wines, Producers and Terroirs of the Iconic Region” by Peter Liem. Otherwise, simply enjoy.

Tasting Notes

★★★½ Tarlant Champagne Rosé Zero Brut Nature NV $60

Tightly coiled, energetic and balanced, with lingering, stony flavors of red fruit, herbs and cream. (Louis/Dressner Selections, New York)

★★★½ Diebolt-Vallois Champagne Rosé Brut NV $55

Creamy, balanced and elegant, with light flavors of red fruits. (Petit Pois/Sussex Wine Merchants, Moorestown, N.J.)

★★★ Vilmart & Cie Champagne Rosé Cuvée Rubis Brut NV $88

Lively and energetic, with complex, savory flavors of light red fruits, herbs and citrus. (Terry Theise Estate Selections/Skurnik Wines, New York)

★★★ Hugues Godmé Champagne Rosé Brut Grand Cru NV $60

Unusual, almost Burgundian in style, with creamy texture and lively, subtle, chalky flavors. (Grand Cru Selections, New York)

★★★ Bérêche et Fils Champagne Rosé Extra Brut Campania Remensis NV $90

Rich, fresh and energetic, with fruity, peachy flavors, tangy and refreshing. (Petit Pois/Sussex Wine Merchants)

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