5 facts that make a person lovable


5 facts that make a person lovable

As long as this question falls on a table and the battle begins. For starters, we have a rain of subjective answers. Athens Escort Babes will say that they are observing the eyes, others will say that they are in love with honesty. Another will be thrown out to say that he likes blonde hair and maybe someone will talk about height further.

In the second phase of the discussion, the quarrel and the bile begin. No, you look at the appearance, they will say no, you look at the background, they will say no… They will both deny the accusations, they will all say that they look at character and duplicity.

They will also all be accused of hypocrisy, as one by one, no one will fail to claim that whenever there was a double he took, don’t say what he took, and in the end everyone, so crooked and disillusioned with the lie around them, will take the road home, more enraged than ever.

Do you fall in love or get excited?

I have been to many such discussions, I imagine you too, and while at first I took part with great fervour (the passion of adolescence and early twenties you see), in recent years as I listen to the question I choose to pick up my cell phone and to play Candy Crush Saga.

Until the issue is over, first of all, I don’t think it’s possible to fall in love with a single trait in someone but to get excited about something very specific (see eyes, blonde hair or height, as mentioned above).

Secondly, this one thing that can make your heart start beating differently for someone else may not be the same for every person who will excite you in your life so, admittedly, taking part in such discussions it is saliva jam.

“What’s the first thing you fall in love with?”

In short, you do not fall in love with something specific to a person, you fall in love with the person himself, when this person has some characteristics that make him riveting and lovable.

Yes, there is this species, and some of its representatives will come to mind. Loving people attract attention and attention without even bothering to try it. You hear them talking and you almost don’t want to stop, they reign in space sitting in a chair, they are generally wonderful without even knowing how.

Basically, they’re probably so great just because they don’t realize it, escorts Athens claim. So what are those five basic characteristics of the “lovable” race?

1. Self-confidence

A little attention at this point, as in today’s world we tend to confuse self-confidence with arrogance, audacity and narcissism.

The man who believes in himself does not shout it, does not want to attract attention, does not make noise like empty cans to prove that he has power and influence, precisely because he knows that he has and he is not really interested in proving it.

He listens to criticism, even if in the end he does not make his opinion foreign property, he sets strict limits if he feels that someone is going to hurt him and he is not interested in having a “yard” to worship him, as he has self-knowledge and mental balance.

Real self-confidence is rare, which is why it makes the person who has grown it the right magnet for the rest.

2. Kindness

People who are stuck, in addition to speaking beautifully, also know how to listen beautifully. To pay attention to the problems of others, to have empathy, to understand foreign pains, to be mature enough to know that they do not need to react to every situation.

Many times it is enough to understand why someone else is talking or behaving with the alpha or beta way without having to stress out how wrong every wearer who happens to be tickling his nerves is wrong.

And they care about that, above all. They take care of the people they love, but whenever they can, they also take care of others, giving help or time to people or creatures who may not be able to reciprocate. I guess we all recognize how riveting it is to see a person not just look at his party in 2020, right?

3. Independence

When we talk about independence, we mean both emotional and economic. The person who knows how to rely on his own feet, inevitably creates a certain confidence around him and likes it precisely.

Because those around him know that he chooses them based on criteria, is not comfortable in sick relationships, nor creates bonds based on possible interests. Independent people are never lazy, they don’t like to be bullied and above all they let the people around them have the freedom to be themselves, without being forced to grab them by the neck so as not to lose them.

In short, they know how to live beautifully and together and without you, and that, no matter how you do it, is erotic in itself as it makes others want to claim them every day.

4. Intelligence

Smart does not necessarily mean having a master’s or doctoral degree. Smart are those who have humour, those who are agile, those who are eloquent, informed, have ideas and make the discussion, whether it concerns the country’s economic situation or the signs, look like a verbal ping-pong that raises pulses and excites emotions.

It is especially sexy to talk to a person who loves learning, as anyone who stays a student for the rest of his life never gets old.

It’s just as erotic to be next to someone who is not only interested in their clothes, the calories in their yogurt or the perfect selfie, but makes you laugh and opens your horizons with their views, the movies they see and the books who reads, and is erotic precisely because it is rare (it’s your fault, you see, the tireless struggle for the perfect selfie, you don’t care).

5. Childhood

This means that people who know how to enjoy the small joys of life, no matter how many years have passed since their childhood, are lovable.

People who maintain their childhood (not those who flirt, it makes a big difference), maintain their sensitivity, laugh out loud, love walks in the sea, snowball fight, good food, unicorns, always eat French fries with hands, they have an innate curiosity about the world around them, they want to learn and generally give you an optimism so beautiful that it makes you forget how disgusting the world has become lately.

These people seem to not sweat their ears in the face of failure as they do not take themselves seriously, just as a child gets up and runs again despite the fact that he recently cried because he killed his knees.

Those who maintain the freshness of their childhood feel comfortable with both their own flaws and those of others, inspire optimism and attract those around them precisely because we all need to be close to someone who is immune to whining and the daily grind.

Lovable people are…

So lovable are the people who stand out naturally from the social masses as they have a congenital allergy to uniformity, an allergy that is neither said nor shown, only shown.

One is born lovable and captivating, it is not something that is acquired, that is why one does not often meet such people, which is why it seems obvious to try to become one.

Love, in short, is authentic, but above all, love is the potential coexistence with such a person, as it makes you believe that, you can’t, you will be something great in your speech so that someone can choose you from stand by them.

Don’t wonder, you will definitely be. The instinct of lovable people rarely falls out.

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