The View From Another Window

The View From Another Window

Welcome. Via the window the place I do the job these times, I see the backs of many condominium properties, terraces and fire escapes, tall aged trees taken above by vines and the twin spires of the Gothic Revival-type church on the corner. As sights go, it’s carrying out its occupation nicely: sort and functionality in equivalent measure, lovely and a little ragged, way too, adequate sky to see the storms move in and recede, the sun or moon when factors crystal clear up.

When I have to have a change in perspective, I’m grateful for Window Swap, a quarantine undertaking produced by a few in Singapore who’d developed weary of their own perspective. They requisitioned nevertheless films from their mates, then the general public, of the views from their own home windows. Now, when you take a look at and click “Open a new window someplace in the globe,” you’re specified a random perspective from somewhere in the world. Now I watched a nighttime thunderstorm from João’s window in Lisbon, targeted visitors from Luke’s position in Cincinnati, a cat sleeping on a sill in Ann Arbor, Mich. It’s mesmerizing, calming, a respite.

For additional diversion today, I recommend coming into your beginning calendar year in Merriam-Webster’s Time Journey resource to see which words and phrases ended up 1st made use of in print the calendar year you had been born (“guilt-trip” and “string cheese” for me).

I enjoyed this lovely interactive examination of the work of the Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson audio from the Tate curator Mark Godfrey.

And this NPR interview with my former colleague Maria Sherman about appreciating boy bands is a pleasant hear: “It feels like virtually a political dismissal of pre-existing limits of what is deemed credible or great. It is like ‘I can be absolutely free from pretension for two minutes and 43 seconds, or nonetheless very long the normal pop song is, and actually just give in to joy.’”

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