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5 Tips to Lock Thieves Out of Your Home

5 Tips to Lock Thieves Out of Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary – portes asfaleias – and it makes sense to want to keep your belongings safe, whether you are inside it or away from it. The security of our home is very important as it concerns not only our property, but also our lives. There are thefts in homes and shops and businesses and we will talk about them below. Bad lies , as much as we think all people are good, there are bad ones among us.

There are those who, if they do not have or want something, will not hesitate to reach out and take it. So there are generally two types of thieves, those who spontaneously decide to steal a house because they believe it has money or some valuables inside and those who simply make a living by stealing. It goes without saying that both categories of thieves prefer houses that are not well guarded.

The truth is that a home can never be completely and utterly safe from theft and burglary. But there are ways to make your home “less attractive” to thieves. There are ways to stop a robbery before it even happens. So let’s look at some tips to help you achieve this.

Τip # 1: Always lock your doors and windows!

The above advice may seem obvious to you, however, if you ask a police officer how burglars enter homes, they will answer that they usually book through an unlocked door or window. As a matter of fact, according to a large survey, 34% of burglars in the US enter homes through unlocked front doors, while 23% enter through unlocked windows.

No matter how safe you think your area or neighborhood is, you should always lock your doors and windows, even when you are indoors. By leaving your home unlocked, you are essentially inviting burglars and other intruders to “visit”.

Tip # 2: Install security locks

Locking doors and windows may be enough to keep “occasional” thieves away from your home, but it may not be enough for the more experienced or “professional”, as they know how to break locks quickly and easily. . For your greater and better security, it is a good idea to install security locks on your doors and windows.

For even greater security, you can also install folding railings on doors and windows. This not only prevents burglars from accessing them, but also prevents them from just breaking down a window and booking the house for a quick “visit” during which they will grab the most valuable things they find in front of them (usually these are wallets, mobile phones and laptops). In alfinodoor.gr you will find a variety of security doors in great prices!

Tip # 3: Keep your lights on

Another very important burglary prevention tip that is almost self-evident. Why should your house always be lit in some way? But because thieves hate the light. Why do we say that? Put yourself in the shoes of a burglar for a while. If you were to rob a house, would you prefer one that is well lit, thus allowing all passers-by to see your burglary efforts, or a dark one in which your entry attempts will be obscured by darkness and shadows?

For your best safety, you can also invest in lights that work with motion detectors. This will not only catch the thieves by surprise, but if some of your neighbors know that you are missing, then seeing the light they will immediately understand that something is wrong with your house.

Tip # 4: Get a dog

Dogs, regardless of size and breed, act as a deterrent to thieves. The reason for this is the fact that dogs bark and generally make a lot of noise when someone they do not know and do not trust tries to enter their space.

Most burglars are cowards. They are just desperate people and want to get in and out of a house easily and quickly, taking as few risks as possible. Nobody wants to be in jail. Therefore, barking at a dog is usually enough to make them want to stay away from home, especially if they know the barking dog is big and wild.

If your dog is big, then it is good to “advertise” his presence with signs that will say “watch out dog”. So not only will thieves know that there is a dog in your home that can attack them if they try to get in, but you will also be legally protected in the event that someone tries to get in and your dog bites or injures them.

Tip # 5: Set an alarm

Alarms are very important, if not absolutely necessary to prevent burglary in both homes and businesses. The alarm siren can not only scare a thief trying to break into the house, but will also alert neighbors to your possible burglary. In addition, it does not allow thieves to literally catch you asleep, since especially in summer, thieves make quick “snouts” when the owners are inside the house, but they sleep in good weather.

It goes without saying that your alarm should be visible and that you should stick signs in prominent places outside your home that will say that the space is guarded by an alarm. Many times, the presence of an alarm system is enough to keep the so-called “opportunistic” thieves away.

Make the first step by installing a security door to keep burglars away!

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