How Are You Dividing Housework During the Pandemic?

How Are You Dividing Housework During the Pandemic?

Housework has always been tough to divide. Now, probably, even additional so. Around the final 12 months, people all around the earth have done a ton of housework while sheltering in area. From nonstop dishwashing and toy accumulating to caring for little ones in distant mastering, it appears as if we are constantly cleansing up just after ourselves, our roommates and our loved ones.

So the Present day Appreciate Podcast workforce wants to know: What units have you created with your companion, roommates or family members members to divvy up housework reasonably? Do you flip a coin? Reverse standard gender roles? Depart passive-intense notes? Or have you supplied up entirely?

How do you define what’s reasonable? As this Primal Scream job confirmed, the load of domestic obligations in the course of the pandemic has fallen particularly tough on operating moms.

Send us a voice memo or recording with your reaction to Begin by telling us your full name and the place you live. We may possibly use excerpts from your audio information in an episode of the Modern day Enjoy Podcast, which will be again for a new year this spring.

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